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    12 Lessons From Quarantine

    Despite how difficult the last few months have been, there are some positive takeaways.

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    The Neuroscience of Letting Go

    Our brains have a superpower, known as neuroplasticity, that allows it to adapt to new circumstances. Here, how it works — and how to harness it to your advantage.

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    How to Cope With Reemergence Anxiety

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    What Your Quarantine Dreams Mean

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    Clear Answers to 16 Confusing COVID-19 Questions

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    COVID-19 Antibody Tests: What You Need to Know

    Research is ongoing, but here are experts' thoughts — and warnings — on the current diagnostics.

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    COVID-19: What Leads to the Worst-Case Scenario?

    Underlying metabolic diseases fuel severe symptoms, regardless of age. This is an urgent call to action.

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    How to Stay Connected in a Solo Quarantine

    When loneliness creeps in, turn to these tips.

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    How Nature Heals Us

    Fresh air, sunlight and plants have medicinal powers — try to get a dose, even now.